October 2, 2014

Kenneth Lawrence Bates: A few last words

by F. L. Anderson

1969 - 2014
Lost a family member this morning. Not just any family member. He and I were 1st cousins but when we were just little boys, we were like brothers. 

Born in the same month, and a day apart. Me on October 7th and he on October 8th. Baptized on the same day, we even shared the same middle name.

He was a drummer self taught. He just picked up the drum sticks one day and never stopped drumming. 

Yes, he loved the drums, and was very, very good on them. He was the lead drummer for a few ministries. Even drummed for a few bands.

When we were just little kids I used to envy his ability to play those drums. When we were teens he once told me that when he's on the drums, he forgets about the problems and issues of life. "Man, I'm in another world." He said with that enduring laugh that would make me laugh.

I am a year older than he but when we were kids I thought he was sooooo... cool. He had a magnetism about him that gained him many friends. If his magnetism didn't draw them his laugh certainly would.

So, after hearing of his passing this morning, I thought, Kenneth Lawrence Bates, if you had to leave us with a few last words what would you say? Knowing him as much as I did, and reminiscing about a few conversations we shared, instantly, the song "Sometimes I Cry" came to mind.

Click on the video and listen to the words of the song. I think it says it all. #KennethLawrenceBates

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