September 7, 2015

5 Reasons You Should Read More

As a former Sunday school teacher and Superintendent, I've heard many excuses from many people, including ministry leaders about why they don't read. From, "I just don't like to read" to "I don't have the time".

Some say, "I read the bible". Reading the bible is a must, but reading only the bible limits your gifts and creativity, which limits ministry manifestations and success. On the other hand, diversifying your reading does just the opposite.

When Paul told Timothy to, "Study" he wasn't talking about studying the bible because the bible didn't exist in that time in history.

He wasn't talking about only studying Jewish Law because that had been fulfilled by the death, burial and Resurrection of Jesus.

We live in a world were there are a number of reading mediums and tools. From the traditional long form reading of books, to digital form on your iPad, Kindle and Nook. Then there are books of convenience which are audio books and blogs like this one.

One of the reasons why reading is so important is because it gives you many advantages. Reading makes you a better leader and gives you an edge over your peers.

Here are just five reasons you should read more.

  1. Reading makes us better thinkers. It helps us form thoughts, increases our vocabulary and expands our horizons. 

    It helps us find connection with the author as well as word trends. 

    Reading helps us build arguments, and become more persuasive. It also makes us more interesting.

    It has been proven that readers have better judgement and are less likely to be fooled. That's just the opposite of someone who watches a lot of TV.

  2. Reading improves your people skills. It expands our understand of what makes people tick. It helps us deal with the various personalities as well as  gives us an understanding of human nature.

  3. Reading helps you master communication. I am a communications major and the one thing I've learned and have proven, is that reading influences how you communicate. Not reading limits your ability to communicate well.

  4. Reading helps you relax. It is known to slow the brain so that you can relax. It not only allows you to focus and get away from problems and issues but it helps you to think and make better decisions.

  5. Reading keeps you young. Reading has been shown to keep you sharp as you age. It helps our brain form new connections. This is good for keeping us relevant as we age.
We live in a busy world with many distractions and demands. Just as Peter and John set a time for prayer, we also must be intentional about reading.

If your time is limited, or if you are not one that likes to read, consider blogs. A good blog is a quick read, scannable and to the point.

Find a place that is conducive to reading. For example, as you are working out at the gym or in your car.  Audio books and podcast are great in this situation.

Time for you to read more. No more excuses.

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