November 1, 2015

4 Amazing Gifts Hidden in Your Trials

The ups and downs of ministry can be trying at times. Trials are like having to wait, no one wants to experience either one, but there are times when we will have to experience both.

Everyone goes through trials and they come in many forms. There is no escaping them. They are a guarantee. "The righteous person faces many troubles..." Psalm 34:19

Trials are the great uncle of taxes and death, and a cross we all bear at various times in our lives.

If you have gone through any trials, you have asked yourself the following questions:
  • Why does this always happen to me?

  • What did I do to deserve this?

  • Why do I have to go through this? 
Here's why.

Trials are like that teacher you just don't like. You wish you could drop her class, but you can't. She's the only one teaching it and you need the credits to graduate.

Trials are like a drill instructor, they will break you down, to build you up.

The question we should ask is what do trials make possible? 

The best thing about trials is not the trial itself, but what comes out of it.

There is a learning experience in every trial. Out of your trials can come many positive benefits. You learn first hand about the challenges faced by others while the experience makes us sensitive enough to sympathize with them.

Trials force us to slow down and focus on what really matters. What looks impossible at first, through the trials you begin to see how possible things really are.

If I had to leave words of wisdom for young leaders it would be that there are four amazing gifts hidden in your trails.
  1. Waiting Gives us Patience: Waiting can be difficult and even uncomfortable. However, there is value in waiting and there are times when trials will force us to have to wait. 

    When you read Job's words, "wait till my change come" you begin to understand that although it can be difficult to be patient, the rewards are worth it.

    Waiting is the best teacher of patience. The best things in life are indeed those you have to wait for.

  2. Failure Gives us Humility: Failure is underrated. Ask any great leader and they will tell you that failure is not only a great motivator, but it is also a great teacher that will keep you humble.

    Failure does not feel good in the moment that you are experiencing it, however it can be the best possible thing that you can experience.

    Failure lets us know that we do not have all the answers, and that we are still learning and growing.

    Paul experienced failures that made him humble enough to share them with us. Hence his words in Philippians 3:13 "I have not achieved it"

  3. Hardship Gives us Strength: If we have a life that is easy, we will never develop the strength to endure when we experience hardships. "Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ". 2 Timothy 2:3

    Hardships develop strength in us for what's ahead.

  4. Grief Gives us Appreciation: It makes you mindful of the things you have and the things you take for granted. It forces you to priorities and focus on what's really important.
Trials will indeed come your way. So be ready. How you view your trials will determine how you go through and come out of your trails. Rather than looking for a way out of your trials, look for the gifts hidden in them.

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