February 7, 2016

6 Major Assets Ministries Lose When Leaders Leave

Ministry leaders are not just pastors. They are the ones deeply involved and devoted to a ministry and are key players in the success of a ministry. They contribute a lot and consume less. They are the ones that can be counted on and they show up and participate. Ministry leaders are committed and want to see things work and play a significant role in the identity of any ministry. 

However, if they are stifled by 'church' bureaucracy for a long period of time, see their potential being caged, feel pressured by “crushing” demands, faced with pastoral scandals, financial corruption or simply have outgrown a ministry, they will eventually move on.

I have discovered that many 'church leaders' fail to see the loss of a ministry leader in terms of assets, but they should. Why? Because like any country or business that loses its best and brightest, it has a short and or a long term impact on the stability of any ministry. 

It tells a story about a leaders ability to manage and lead. It also leaves an immediate void that savvy visitors will notice. Remember first impression last a long time.

Here are 6 major assets ministries lose when leaders leave. 
  1. Potential loss of activity necessary to keep a ministry going.

  2. Loss of long term investment in leadership positions and talent. In today’s worldly 'church', Godly leaders and talent is hard to find.

  3. Education and skills. Pew research shows that 15 percent have some kind of college degree or technical training.

  4. Financial resources. Most ministry leaders are financially stable and likely to be married and or own their own business.

  5. Social and political influence and connections. All of which take years to develop.

  6. Ministry knowledge and training. This could set a ministry back years and many never recover.  
When these leaders leave they take all the above assets with them, much of which extend beyond the walls of the ministry.


  1. I think this thing happened often times to some churches from different sectors of losing their ministry leaders. One factor that might be the reason why this always happen is that they don't have enough courage to do their part. Being a ministry leader of a certain church will always need a strong belief in god.

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