March 10, 2016

5 Reasons to Love Online Ministry

The body of Christ is living in an age of tremendous missional and evangelistic opportunities. In this era of the internet, social media, blogs and podcasting, the gospel can travel further and faster than ever before. There hasn’t been a culture-shifting communication tool this powerful since the printing press.

One writer put it this way, "If the church is a vast volunteer army of people carrying the Good News of Jesus to the least, the lost and the last, then it is safe to say that because of social media, this army is better equipped and more effectively mobilized than any other age to carry out its marching orders—the Great Commission."

Throughout history, the people of God have learned to effectively use the advancements of their times to reach the lost.
  • Jesus used the Roman roads and common languages to save the lost.

  • Apostle Paul and Luke used writing, papyrus and scrolls to communicate and teach the word of God to the growing body of Christ throughout Rome.
  • Martin Luther was not only a priest, but a professor of theology who started the Protestant Reformation. For him to be credited with this, he needed something to help spread his preaching across Europe.

    Enter Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press. His invention allowed for Martin Luther to become one of the most famous priests this world has ever known.
  • Billy Graham used radio and TV to revolutionize evangelism to reach the world in ways not seen since the apostle Paul's missionary trips and epistles.

The internet is the most effective "Roman Roads" of our day. It is estimated that 95 percent of unchurched people are online? Not only are most people online, but most people are also engaging in social networking.

Did you know that in third world countries, people may not have TV's but they own smartphones? Every age group, from kindergartners to retirees, is connected via internet. 

Today, social media has become the most effective tool for sharing God's truth.

Here are five more reasons to love online ministry:

  1. Online ministry provides a vehicle for believers to exercise their gifts and influence the culture with God’s Word. With the advent of Google, more information is available to us than ever before in human history.

  2. Online Ministry allows us to share this information with one another. Although we are in the 21st century, too many ministry leaders refuse to leave the 20th century.

    Too many ministry leaders are still operating from a teaching model where information is only passed on through one direction, where the pastor is the "expert". 
    Online ministry has changed all of that.

    Access to information is now at our finger tips. No longer do believers have to be passive listeners sitting in 
    pews, listening to a sermon without interacting with the speaker. Now, we can be a part of the conversation just like the early church.

  3. Online Ministry invites us to an interactive, experiential, multi-directional, multi-sensory blend of oral and literate cultures. It moves us beyond the limitations of only learning through mundane Sunday morning rituals and sermons. As one writer put it, "Sitting in pews doesn’t make sense anymore".

  4. Best of all, online ministry has eliminated all the religious institutional gate keepers.

    Technology + influence = power. This power disseminates information which allows the average believer to bypass the man made protocols and do what Jesus instructs us all to do... Go!
    The idea that you can have an impact on the world without the barriers of controlling, un-scriptural, man made protocols, that kill the living, breathing spirit of God, is liberating.
Online ministry has given us the ability to reach others with such a force that the former gate keepers can not contend with, and gives us access to an audience we wouldn't have otherwise.

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