April 26, 2016

4 Essential Calls To Ministry

In my earlier post, I wrote about Why You Should Get A Better Understanding of Your Calling. I promise you doing so will be an exciting adventure.

As you begin this journey, you will be re-introduced to parts of your call that you had forgotten about. Words, dreams and revelations that somehow got trapped in the recesses of your mind will return to your remembrance.

One thing that I have learned is that you will never fully understand everything about your call because, it is bigger than you.

Here is what I believe are four essential calls to ministry.
  1. The call to be a Christian. This call should lead to baptism then to faithful discipleship. Being a Christian is not what you say but what you do. It’s how you live out God’s call in you live.

    In Three Things That Define a Jesus Disciple I wrote, many see discipleship as the act of leading someone to Jesus. However, discipleship never ends. It is the process of learning to be Jesus-like. It is that same process that Peter spoke of in Mark 10:28. 

    The call to follow Jesus is where your ministry begins.

  2. The secret call. This is where you feel chosen by God and this feeling can be perceived only by you. 

    This call is known to involve "wrestling with God" or the call or, “running from the call.” To this I say let every man or woman be persuading of their own mind. 

    Whatever the circumstance, if it is God calling, you’ll eventually, “surrender to the call.” 

    I didn’t wrestle or run from my secret call, I simply took my time. If you follow my blog you’ll know why.

  3. The providential call. This call requires discerning your gift and understanding where your gift is best suited. 

    It took me a while to understand the dynamics of my gift, but I understood early that my gift was not suited for where I was serving at the time.

    This is a call that everyone can see. Today, gifts and callings can be very specialized. The roles of a call from God are diverse and numerous. 

    I encourage you to discover new ways of functioning in your call, beyond the confines of institutional church and for a more transformative mode of ministry, that can be expressed through various venues. I write about this here.

  4. The ecclesiastical call. This is a hired call, when a congregation or institution invites a minister to serve within the institution. 

    This call is most often a pastoral role but is increasingly, depending on denomination and community, a specialized roles such as chaplain, music, education, youth, children, administrator etc.
In this day of straying leaders, greater worldly distractions, and a falling away, Jesus is still in the calling business. 

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