July 14, 2016

5 Things To Do When the Protests are Over

Since the tragic shootings that engulfed the nation into rage, bitterness and even solidarity, protests have taken place in most major cities across the country. People have taken to the streets and social media to demonstrate and vent their anger and frustration.

In many cities, such as my own, mass gatherings of clergy, politicians, public officials and community leaders are planned and are taking place. My hope, along with many others, is that the purpose of these gatherings are not lost and the issues are not drowned out by the egos and selfish agendas of some. Unfortunately, this usually happens in gatherings like this. 

I’m praying that those who will attend will leave their emotions at home and put on their thinking caps, so that they can see and hear beyond the rhetoric. That the leaders in attendance will be mindful of those they are leading and do as the apostle Paul suggest, "Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too." Philippians 2:4

Consider this. After the protests are over, after people have calmed down and regained their senses, then what? What do we do when the protests are over?

Here are five things those who love Jesus should do when the protests are over. 
  1. Mend the fences. I would say pray first, but the bibles says. Therefore if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift. Matthew 5:23

    Yes, your facebook post and those tweets, caused a rift between you and your Christian co-worker. She didn’t like what you posted and you didn’t like her response. 

    You didn’t see, “eye to eye” on this issue. That’s OK. No two people will agree 100 percent all the time. You just see things differently on this issue but your disagreements don’t mean you can’t be friends and it certainly doesn't mean you should stop loving one another.

    If someone says, "I love God," but hates a Christian brother or sister, that person is a liar; for if we don't love people we can see, how can we love God, whom we cannot see? 1 John 4:20

  2. Pray. When you pray, pray for a change in you first. Many times we find answers in prayer and these answers force us to look in the mirror. 

    For things to change, somebody, somewhere has to start behaving differently. I write about this here.

    Pray that God will cleans and heal your heart so that your prayers will be heard. 

    Pray that God will ease your anger and frustration so that you can hear His answer. His answer will always line up with His word and be full of wisdom.

    Pray for our leaders, everyone of them. This includes the ones you do not like, even hate. 1 Timothy 2:1-3.

  3. Get involved. Talk is cheap. This means it has little are no value.

    It's easy to get on social media and give your two cent, but can you put your time where your mouth is and turn those thoughts and passions into positive and productive action?

    There are so many organizations that you can get involved in if you truly want to see change.

    I like the Dallas police chief David Brown’s statement,
    “Don’t be part of the problem. Get out of the protest line and fill out an application.” 

    “Action speaks louder than words.”

    “So you see, faith by itself isn't enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless.” James 2:14-26

  4. Vote! So what you don’t like either of the candidates in this election. Neither do I. However, you can always vote on the local and state issues and ballot. As the saying goes, "All politics is local”. This means that your vote holds more weight in local and statewide elections. 

    If you don’t vote, you have no say. Your opinions don’t matter.

  5. Finally, we should all listen to the instructions by a man named Paul when he wrote to Timothy, saying, "manage your own family well, having children who respect and obey." 1 Timothy 3:4.
If I missed something, let me hear your suggestions. What else can we do after the protests are over?

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