August 30, 2016

Why The Holy Spirit is Essential to your Gift and Calling

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. Act 8:1 NLT

The Holy Spirit has a purpose, an objective and an agenda. It serves to exalts Jesus through us by way of our gifts and calling.

Sure it convicts, guides and regenerates, but it also dwells, reveals and empowers us.

Here’s why the Holy Spirit is essential to your gift and calling. 
  • It's the juice in your spiritual fruit, making the issues of life and its circumstances tolerable.

  • It’s like the fuel in your car giving you the energy and strength to move forward and the torque to help carry your load.

  • It confirms and affirms your gift and calling.

  • It's mobile, so it can go where ever you go and show up at any given time.

  • Its purpose is not for your amusement but for your empowerment.

  • It not only transforms, but also equips you to do His will.

  • It keeps you attuned to your surroundings and helps you discern who’s who, and what’s what.

  • It's central, and pivotal to how your gift and calling is manifested. Like a director of a play, it frames the scene or situation for maximum impact. 

It doesn’t matter how well trained, educated and degreed you are, without the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you, you will fail to recognize and understand your calling, and how to use the gifts you have.

If the man Jesus depended on the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and empower Him, then how much more should we?

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