December 28, 2016

The 6 Best Ministry Leadership Books I Read in 2016

I am a believer of reading the right books. Reading makes us better thinkers, improves people skills, and helps you master communication. I write more on this in 5 Reasons Christians Should Read More  

There comes a time in the life of any leader when you will come to a crossroad and ask, "What's next?" 

If you plan to be in ministry for long, you will have to reinvent yourself from time to time. The following books will help you do that.

More than any other ministry leadership books I’ve read this year, these six titles helped me grow in so many ways. They helped change the way I do and think about ministry. I hope they'll do the same for you.

Lasting Impact: 7 Powerful Conversations That Will Help Your Church Grow

As a teacher and ministry coach, I bought this book to better understand why 'churches'/ministries were not growing but dying. Why young adults are walking away, and the reason leaders are burning out. I learned more than I was expecting, and 'Lasting Impact' confirmed a lot of what I was noticing.

There's no doubt the 'church' is in a moment in history for which few church leaders are prepared. Learn more.

H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle.
Whether you're leading in ministry, at work or in your community, if you're at a point of transition, I strongly recommend H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick. It was the inspiration behind my post, 5 Things Every Ministry Leader Should Know Before Making That Next Transition.

Brad also describes the leader who is willing to work hard, get it done, and make sure it’s not about him or her. It’s about the leader who knows that influence is about developing the right habits for success. Learn more.

Generational IQ

My blog is focused on influencing change in ministry. Change comes with every generation, however, people struggle with change, especially “Boomers”. Change for them is hard, and they tend to cling to the traditional and the status quo for a sense of security. I write about this here

I wanted to understand why ministry leaders who are "Baby Boomers" are not so easily moved to change. 'Generational IQ' not only taught me about Baby boomers, but Gen'Xers, and Millennials as well. If you are a ministry leader, get this book ASAP. Learn more.

Good Faith: Being a Christian When Society Thinks You're Irrelevant and Extreme

I believe in discipleship and have noticed major changes that have become obstacles to evangelism. 

As a veteran, I aspire to the military phrase "Adapt and over come". 'Good Faith' will help you do just that, giving you a clear understanding of the obstacles facing evangelism, and why. Learn more.

99 Ways to Influence Change

Ever wonder why implementing organizational change seems so complicated? I did! 

I understood that to be effective in influencing change in ministry, I couldn't just rely on my experiences. I needed to connect with someone who God has gifted in this area. 

Heather Stagl is a change agent. Teaching change is what she does. She is well known in corporate and organizational circles. It's time that ministry leaders get to know her too. 

Whatever your job title or role, '99 Ways' provides you with proven techniques you can use to influence change anywhere. Learn more.

Influencer: The Power to Change Anything

Enough said. I'm Frederick Anderson, I'm your ministry coach, influencing change in how you do and think about ministry. I help make change happen and this book has been a great resource in helping me to do just that. 

'Influencer' is not a self-help book, but a book that uses examples, strategies, stories, and real-life events to teach you how to think through for solutions. Learn more

Warning! If your are not one who likes change and is satisfied with what is, going through the motions and content with the status quo, then these books are not for you. 

However, if you're anything like me, I hope that these five books stimulate transformation and impact you for years to come.

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