February 17, 2017

The Attributes and Components for Discerning your Calling

The one thing I’ve learned over time is that as you move forward in doing that one big thing that you are passionate about, you will discover what you are really called to be and do.

I’ve also learned that just because you fail in the process of doing what you are called to be and do, does not mean that your one big thing is not your calling. As a matter of fact, failure is a good time to revisit your calling to better understand it.

If failure has caused you to leave your calling behind, I encourage you to reconnect with it. Your calling should be that one thing that pushes you forward, even while in the process of expressing it, things don’t go as planned.

As you reconnect with your calling, you will be re-introduced to parts of it that you had forgotten about. Words, dreams and revelations that somehow got trapped in the recesses of your mind, will return to your remembrance.

But, what if you’re just not sure what your calling is? What if you don’t know what you're called to do or to be? Your summons, your vocation? God's personal, individual invitation to carry out the unique task He has for you?

Here’s four attributes and two components to help you discern your calling:
  1. It’s external. It originates outside of you. It is an outwardly expression of your uniqueness. 2 Peter 1:10

  2. It’s personal. It comes and is given specifically to you to be expressed in a way that only you can express it. John 15:16

  3. It’s appealing. It is something that resonates deep inside you. You feel drawn to it and fulfilled by it. Philippians 3:14

  4. It’s optional. You have a choice to respond to it or not. Hebrews 3:1
Here are two components which make up the framework for discerning your calling. These components must intersect for something to be a calling.
  1. Passion. What do you love? What’s that one thing you enjoy doing and where you find fulfillment?

    Owning Your Gift and Your Calling, I wrote that, there are a few things that I like to do, but I’m not passionate about them. There are a few things that I am good at, but I’m not passionate about them.

    Sure, passion for something can be short term, but it’s that something you think about and read about constantly.

  2. Proficiency. What are you competent and skilled at? When you look at something, you immediately know the answer or what needs to be done to enhance or fix the issue or thing.
A calling can be specific, and for a specific time. I touch on this in Why You Should Get A Better Understanding of Your Calling.

You won’t always recognize your calling overnight. Most times, we discern them gradually over time. Your calling will bring you a deep sense of fulfillment and happiness. It will feel so natural and good that you know it is what you were called to do.

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  1. Good teaching on discovering purpose. This is a critical time for the Body of Christ, and we can't afford to have too many believers unsure of their calling.