March 30, 2017

WATCH: Influencing Change in Ministry: Here's what this means

Ministry can be hard. But it's so much better when you take the journey together. I really believe God has given you everything you need to succeed in your ministry and  life's mission. It's just that sometimes, you need a friend to help you see what you can't see, and encourage you to do what you're called to do. We're in this together.

In 2009, I began to see things that, at that time, I did not understand. Because I didn't understand it, I ignored it and sit it to the side. Well, in 2011, I had five days to think and meditate on it, while laying in a Houston Hospital.

The purpose of this video is no different from this ministry, to influence change in how you do and think about ministry.

Here's what this means:
If you are a ministry leader who is over forty years of age, you need to understand that ministry and every aspect of it's expression has changed. The world of ministry in which you grew up in no longer exists. 

Here's what you need to understand:
  • There are implications and consequences for not understanding the cultural shift we are in the midst of.

  • How technology has not only influenced culture, but how it is influencing change in how we do and think about ministry.

  • With every advancement in knowledge and technology, comes a cultural shift.
Regardless of your denomination, whenever culture shifts, you should pay attention, or pay the price. Learn more

People, when encouraged, become more confident, and their faith is increased. When this occurs, moving the mountains in your life becomes possible. Understanding this, increases your influence to change anything in ministry, at work and in your community. 

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