April 18, 2017

Activities and 3 Other Things Discipleship is Not

Over the years, many have come to confuse discipleship with having or participating in activities. Of course, there's nothing wrong with activities, but activities alone don't equal discipleship.

Discipleship is the process of growing closer to Jesus.
It is the process of learning to be Jesus-like. It is that same process that Peter spoke of in Mark 10:28.

Here are three more things discipleship is not.
  1. Taking folks on trips. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great experience when believers can travel and move around together, and not only tell of His goodness, but live it out as well. However, fellowship for the sake of fellowship is not discipleship. 

    I’ve witnessed on many occasions believers taking trips together, and return unchanged. Even days and months later, I never witnessed any transformation in them. 

    A Jesus disciple's inward life is fueled by those "nine winsome graces," found in Galatians 5:22-23. They produce character, and a disciple is recognized by his or her likeness to Jesus and by his or her inward character. 

    Simply taking trips is not discipleship if there is no intent, emphasis, or purpose for discipleship.

  2. Listening to folks whine and complain is not discipleship.

    OK, you’re a good listener, maybe a great caretaker. Yes, it shows your maturity, and maybe you’re able to put up with certain people. Now what?

  3. Entertaining. A form of activity designed to hold a person's attention for entertainment purposes, is just that, an activity.

    The cost of being His disciple is very high
    . Jesus imposes such stringent terms because He's looking for men and women of quality, and not quantity. John 6:66.

    He is not looking for a crowd who will only follow because it's easy, and require nothing of them. He is looking for those who will not turn back when the "building and battling" grows fierce.
My point is simply this: there is nothing wrong with taking trips, listening to folks whine and complain, or even entertaining. But these three things alone are not discipleship.

If you really want people to become more like Jesus, consider more discipleship, not just activities.

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