April 25, 2017

The 3 Blind Spots of Ministry

Remember the old nursery rhyme, ”Three Blind Mice"? Let me introduce you to three blind spots. These are some of the hidden, unhealthy elements and patterns that can be dangerous to any ministry.

These blind spots are similar to blind spots in a car, areas that are hard to see, hidden and even ignored. 

Fact is, every ministry and ministry leader has one... Or two... Or more of these blind spots

These blind spots exist for two reasons: 
  • We take on roles and responsibilities that we're not prepared for or haven’t been trained to do. At times, it can be overwhelming with demands that are unattainable.

  • Self-deception. Sure, sometimes we convince ourselves that we can, when we really can’t. We mean well. We want to do well. We want to use the gifts God has given us to the best of our ability. 
However, when problems come, when we fail or mess up, these three blind spots become a pattern of response.
  1. We become dissatisfied with who we are and no longer see our gifts and callings as good enough, so we cease giving them the attention they deserve

    Many begin to operate in a calling that appeals to them. Desiring someone else's call rather than developing their own. 

  2. Many start competing with others. The early disciples were guilty of this as well. Thinking that their worth or value was based on how they ranked against the others. You’ll learn a person's true motivations at this point. It no longer becomes about the Kingdom, but about themselves.

  3. Too many are really insecure. We all are at some point, if the conditions are right. This is more common in ministry than you might believe. I write about this here.
Terry Linhart, author of 'The Self-Aware Leader' writes this, as it relates to “christian workers”--"Some cover their insecurities with a variety of masks: fear, conceit, anger, and withdrawal. Others want to authenticate themselves, to prove their worth and value via their accomplishments.” 

When God gives you your identity, then you can walk in security, rather than performing because you are insecure.

When you see yourself as a representation of the Kingdom and not this world, these blind spots disappear. The process of recognizing these blind spots, is so that we become more like Jesus.

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  1. Good insight. I've seen many fall into these traps