May 2, 2017

Taking Your Ministry Beyond the 4 Walls

This is an invitation to you, to sit in on TheSESSION™, my virtual classroom and ministry coaching sessions.

In My virtual mentoring and coaching sessions, I'll be sharing the following:

  • ACTIONABLE content, resources and solutions that you can apply to your life and ministry right now.
  • How to express you gifts, calling and ministry as God intended.
  • Information on the changing landscape of ministry.

  • Help with visualizing what ministry looks like today, and how to approach it.

  • Why your ministry is more than just spiritual, but also practical and more.

I'll not only be talking about how but the why as well. 

If you are in ministry, of any kind, if God has given you a calling rather in a religious, setting, personal or on the job, I invite you to sit in on TheSESSION™. 

Sign up Today! Let's take your ministry beyond the four walls.

Watch and share this video:

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