August 1, 2017

6 Benefits of Ministry Coaching

Christians are called to excellence, in life and in ministry. 1 Timothy 4:12 says to "...set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity." Coaching provides a framework to assess, develop, transform and grow these key areas.

The value of a coach or mentor is priceless. They are someone who is a few steps ahead of you in an area where you wish to find success.

They bring his or her personal experience to bear on your life in a way that may shape it forever.

Coaching can be a one-on-one relationship that focuses on life and leadership transformation, allowing you to eliminate blind spots, receive expert counsel, direction, and encouragement.

Ministry coaching is a great way of helping you develop in key aspects of life and ministry, in concert with the Holy Spirit’s leading. 

Here's a list of benefits coaching can give you in ministry:
  1. Coaching can help you get unstuck and develop strategies to navigate seasons of growth or transition.

  2. Chart a path that is both satisfying and significant.

  3. Self-assess your personal leadership style and create action plans for your own development.

  4. Help you get laser focused on you and your specific ministry or vocational needs.

  5. Answers questions to help influence and facilitate deeper thinking, discovery, clarity, and action.

  6. Balance ministry, family and personal life. 

"How can I, unless someone instructs me?" Acts 8:31

Having a coach or mentor is a great tool for helping you solve problems and reach your goals. It is a fact that most leaders who succeed, have a coach or someone who mentors them. 

I am where I am today because I had some great people who coached or mentored me, both in and outside of ministry. 

A coach or mentor looks different to many different people. For example, some see my blog as such, and use it for personal learning and development. Others use it as a resource for information.

So, get you one or more of these. They will help guide you along the way, so that you can go a long way. 

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