August 28, 2017

Online Giving: 7 Reasons Your Organization's Not Getting Any

Whether it's ongoing giving, end of the year giving season, or major donation drives after a tragic event, if you're like me, online giving is your preferred donation method.

With online giving increasing, especially among young adults, you would think that faith-based and other non-profit groups would be prepared. Unfortunately, 86% are not.

If your organization is raising money like it's the twentieth century, guess what? You're a century behind. "Many declining churches are still acting like it’s the 1980s." Thom Rainer

When it comes to giving campaigns, there is a right and wrong way to initiate one. 

When it comes to online giving, here's seven reasons your organization's not getting any:
  1. Your organization neglects to understand technology, how it can benefit your donors, and how it can increase donations.

    Technology, like mobile giving and text giving is on the rise. As consumers shift increasingly to online banking and bill payment, their electronic financial habits are spilling over into how they give to their favorite non-profit.
  2. Your organization has the wrong people in place. Integrate the right people into your fund raising campaign board.

  3. Your website hasn't been updated since the 90's. Have you looked at your group's website lately?

    If your organization's website is new, but looks like it's old, you should find a new webmaster, or get your current webmaster some training.

  4. You have no donation button link or donation page, either on your website, blog or your social media platforms.

    What are you waiting for? Get one!

    "Donate Now" button makes giving more convenient for donors, compared to writing checks. It’s all about giving folks an additional giving option.

    Make sure it's a large and colorful button that's clickable.

    Special donation campaigns can send a lot of new traffic and donations from people who’ve never visited your site before, and who are not familiar with your donation page.

    Don’t make them search for your donate button. It should be clear and positioned prominently on your website.

  5. Your donation page is too complicated and time-consuming.

    If donating isn’t easy, supporters will leave your page and you’ll lose donations in an instant.

    The more information you require, the more you'll kill your opportunity for donations and new donors. 
    People are busier than ever, so make giving quick and easy.

    The head of your fund raising board should check the donation site themselves by making a donation, to make sure the process is painless.

  6. What is your primary call to action?

    Just because I love you or your organization, doesn't mean I want to be asked to sign up to volunteer, read your mission statement, or watch a video.

    When I’m on your donation page, I’m there to do one thing: give you money.

  7. Give your donors a reason to donate to your organization.

    Don't tell your potential donors that old tired and worn out phrase, "it is more blessed to give than receive". Tell them why they should give to you!

    If I’m a new donor and not familiar with you or your organization, show me something that will make me think, “Okay cool, I can trust these guys.”
    Show me something to ease or remove any doubts.

    A compelling image on your donation page is worth a thousand words, and perhaps a new donor.
There are many companies that provide donation services, and can help you get started. Some of these services are free, and some cost very little. Here are just a few:

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