Six Issues The "Black Church" Should Care About

For years I have been sharing startling information about the plight of the "Black church" with black 'church' leaders, their response is always the same... nothing.

There are a lot of issues in the body of believers as a whole, however, here is the short list of issues the "Black Church" doesn't seem to care about:
  1. According to PEW Research, 79 percent of Blacks in America say that faith or religion is very important in their lives, but not central to their lives.

  2. Though many black 'church' leaders are and continue to be conservative when it comes to social issues, many in their congregations, including their leaders, hold liberal views.

    I don't believe that these leaders should change their stance on many social issues, however they must realize that Hollywood has more influence on their flock than they do. Which brings me to the next issue.

  3. According to Barna Group, 60% of young adults have disconnected from the 'church' buildings permanently.

    "Black Generation Y’s (Millennials) are departing 'church' in comparable rates and speeds, as their White counterparts."

    See also: God’s Servant on Black Millennials’ Vanishing View of The Black Church.

    Though the number of Americans, as a whole, who attend a 'church' building is steadily declining"We are witnessing an increase in the number of African Americans attending churches pastored by the likes of Joel Osteen, Rick Warren or Jentzen Franklin." 

    You have to ask yourself why, then be honest with your answer.

  4. There are many reasons for the number of 'church' buildings closing in recent years.

    According to a number of recent articles by Christian writers, the number is somewhere between 4,000 and 7,000, and many of them are in our communities.

  5. If you are a ministry leader, understand that those you minister to are looking for your leadership, answers and solutions, not only when it comes to all things spiritual, but also when it comes to social issues that affect them.

    Not addressing or ignoring this issue makes you irrelevant. Sticking your head in the sand makes you look like the part sticking out.

  6. With all the preaching, fasting, revivals and "Holy Ghost Explosions" it's interesting that we fail to notice 75% of black households are headed by single mothers. This has also fueled an increase in the number of black women no longer attending a 'church' building.
Now that you know, do you care?


  1. FL, I just wanted to say that I am encouraged by brothers such as yourself, and those that gathered with us at Albion last year. As one who was saved in a black church, I fully appreciate the potential of the spirit-filled black community to impact the neighborhoods, cities, states and our country.

    Christ can and will use you and others to turn these trends you mention around. Your speaking out, and the fact that the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is becoming front and center today gives me great hope for our time.

    1. God bless you Dan. With the Lords help we will do our best.


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