4 Ways Social Media Grounded Creflo Dollar

By now, I'm sure you've heard about the controversial televangelist Creflo Dollar's campaign to acquire a $65 million Gulfstream G650 airplane. A campaign where he got slaughtered by the backlash from believers and nonbelievers alike.

If this were the 80's and 90's, Creflo would have gotten away with this. He would have enjoyed a successful campaign, that could have gotten him on TBN and Daystar to brag about it. And, every other so called church leader would have followed his lead. 

He would have been the "man", sought out to speak at all the conferences where the blind would snuggle up to him to find out how he did it. But, this is not the 80's or 90's where the children of the 40's, 50's and early 60's are used to their leaders using fear, guilt and intimidation to acquire material gain. The good news is, the children of this generation are not catching that "vision".

Obviously this is the 21st century where Pooky is now a young adult, street wise and knows a pimp when he sees one. 

This is a generation where even the poor, black and uninformed has a SMART phone, and on that phone are things called apps. These apps connect them to each other, allowing them to communicate in ways most pastors know not of. These apps allow them to share information on platforms known as facebook, twitter, instagram and others. 

Immediately after hearing Creflo's request, Pooky and the boys, and the girls too, like a protest in the streets of the hood, took to social media. The hashtag #CrefloDollar was created, and the firestorm began. 

Here are 4 ways social media grounded Creflo Dollar: 
  1. Social media is the most effective "Roman Roads" of our day. When the hashtag #CrefloDollar was created, it connected the hood to the rest of the world. Creflo felt the heat, not just from Poohky, but the world, including the estimated 95 percent of unchurched people who are online.

  2. Not only are most people online, but most people are also engaging in social networking. Social media is about real conversations, about real issues, happening between real people in real relationships. The hashtag #CrefloDollar connected the believer and the unbeliever, old and young, from every denomination. Creflo never expected his request to travel outside of his circle of influence. Social media made it viral. Creflo never saw it coming.

  3. Technology + influence = power. Social media is power taken out of the hands of the few or in Creflo's case, the one. It allowed the good people of his ministry to disseminate information, which allows the average believer to bypass the man made denominational protocols and do what Jesus instructs us all to do, Go! Tell everybody! That's what the people of Creflo's ministry did. Taking to social media was their way of doing something about it.

  4. Social media provides a vehicle for believers to exercise their gifts and influence. With the advent of Google, more information is available to us than ever before. So, those who did not know Creflo before the 65 million dollar request, googling him, well, that just added fuel to the fire.

    Social media allows them to share this information with others. Although, we are in the 21st century, too many pastors and church leaders like Creflo refuse to leave the 20th century. 

Note to church leaders: Whenever culture shifts, you should pay attention. Change is inevitable, and it is unkind to the unprepared. The grounding of Creflo is a teachable opportunity. Learn from it.


  1. Of course, he will simply find another scam. the next one may well work.


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