3 Cultural Trends Influencing Young Adults Your Ministry Shouldn't Ignore

Our culture is changing so fast. Unfortunately too many ministries and their leaders are blind to these changes, or have decided to ignore these changes all together.

What's sad are those doing everything they can to pretend like these changes don't exist, even as they watch young adults and families leave their place of worship.

Guess what! To continue with the status quo, while hoping for the best is not a sign of faith, especially when the results are the same. 

One of the worst things your ministry can do when dealing with young adults is to make assumptions about what they believe. This is the fastest way to lose them spiritually or run them off physically.

Ministry leaders who study what's happening in our culture today, and how it influences young adults will have an easier time connecting and building relationships with them. The relationships that you have with them today are tied to your ministries growth and success tomorrow.

Ministries who study the current culture learn and have the ability to adapt. They figure out how to change without compromising their principles and beliefs. They are willing to change their model or methods without killing the mission. 

Here are three of the main cultural trends influencing young adults your ministry shouldn't ignore.

  1. They have more options.
    With more options come less commitment. I've said it
    here before. If you are a pastor, know that you are not the biggest influence on your flock. Especially if you are ignoring culture trends.
  2. Their personal lives are more important.
    More people are working longer and on weekends. Their kids are involved in more activities outside of "church" and a lot of these activities occur on Sundays.

    Sure you can say, "Well their priorities are in the wrong place," however, your pews are still empty.

  3. They love their smart phones.
    This is why digital ministries are a growing trend.

    If they want to hear a great sermon from there favorite preacher or speaker, the "church building" is no longer the only place to hear it.

    Blogs, podcasting, video streaming and social media for many of them has replaced the building.

    If you are not using digital technology effectively or at all you are hindering your ability to influence your flock and others.
There is nothing new under the sun. Cultural trends have occurred since the beginning of time. 

The early church endured a culture that was hostile toward them and their message, but because they were willing to face the culture head on they were able to spread the gospel as The Holy Spirit gave them direction.

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