6 Things A Ministry Leader Should Learn How to Do

I love ministry leaders that are life learners and take pride in mentoring and developing others. These sort of leaders understand that to whom much is given, much is required. They understand that for them to be effective ministry leaders they will have to learn to do things they may not enjoy.

Here are six things every ministry leaders should learn how to do.
  1. Have conversations. Conversation is the bedrock for communicating the gospel. Conversation + Relationship = Conversion. People can find Jesus by way of conversations.

    Notice the relationships that were created when Jesus took time to have meaningful conversations with those souls He came down to save. 

    For example the Samaritan woman, the tax collectors, Mary and Martha and His disciples to name a few.

    When you look at how Jesus started new relationships you will see that conversations were His preferred approach.
  2. Have dialogue without arguing. Dialogue is good. People sometimes have pressing issues they need answers to. How you respond could be the difference between someone leaving your ministry or staying, being transformed or staying the same, delivered or kept in bondage.

    People learn by asking questions. In the process you may disagree but don’t get upset, don’t be fearful, and don’t be intimidated.

    All great ministry leaders understand that hard questions will come. Running from them is not a solution to the questions but, dialogue can lead to the solution.

  3. Listen! Even if you don’t agree. Don't be so quick to dismiss what you don't understand or don't agree with. You'll be surprise what the Lord might reveal.
  4. Not be one dimensional. When I was in high school my eleventh grade history teacher would always say, “Know something about everything and everything about something.”

    In the times we are living in a good ministry leader should do the same.

    Go beyond traditional and denominational talking points. Be able to discuss and dialogue on a number of different issues.

  5. Read! One of the reasons why many church leaders have a difficult time with meaningful conversations and dialogue is because they don't read.

    Reading the bible is great, however reading only the bible limits your gifts and calling, which limits ministry manifestations

    On the other hand, diversifying your reading does just the opposite. It helps you build arguments, and become more persuasive. It also makes you more interesting.
    See my blog post 5 Reasons Christians Should Read More.
  6. Not be afraid to say I don’t know. Believe it or not, no one is expecting you to have all the answers.
If you want to be a great ministry leader learn how to do the above then you and the ones you lead will be better for it.

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