8 Barriers of The Machine Called 'Church'

In my continued efforts to influence change in how we do and think about ministry, I want to share with you an issue, and even a crises, that has always been an unrecognized enemy of Christians.

Most ministry leaders have no idea that the very structure of what is call 'Church' and its various systems do more harm than good.

It is an institution, a machine that only serves as barriers that keep individuals from experiencing a true and transforming relationship with Jesus.

Over the last 10 years a growing number of believers have and or re-thinking God’s work within the confines of the institution called 'Church'. Instead They are opting for a more meaningful work and expression of their gifts and callings outside of this institution.

What we call 'church' its structure and internal workings have created barriers that get in the way and even prevent the Lords purpose and intent for the body.

Here are eight of these barriers.
  1. Bureaucracies that cripple the body by stifling the potential of believers both spiritually and otherwise. Bureaucracy prevents others from doing the work they're called to do.
  2. Its activities are geared toward its own survival rather than the work of Jesus. Activity has become predominately inward rather than outward as Jesus intended.

  3. In many cases the practices of the institution does not line up with the “vision” or stated position. In other words, the leadership says one thing but its functions and practices say another.

  4. The institution does not empower others to work within ones gift and calling but gets in the way.

  5. It supports programs that fail to facilitate transformation.

  6. The building called 'church' viewed as and taught to be the “sole expression of God’s will”.

  7. The 'Church' operating more like a corporation where others are treated more like employees and the pastor as the CEO.

  8. It operates on a system of exclusion rather than inclusion making it difficult for other voices and ideas to be heard.
This flawed institution called 'Church' is a problem. Man has structured it to operate like a machine and compels its leaders and people to behave in ways that do not emulate the Christ.


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