Why Ministry Leaders are Driven by Insecurity

Every ministry leader has some kind of insecurity, no matter how long you've been in ministry. For some, their insecurities become a driving force behind their success.

Some ministry leaders are driven at higher levels than most, and that’s great. There’s nothing wrong with being driven, however, I think it is a good idea to assess what drives us from time to time. 

We should ask the question, "what’s really driving me to be the best, to have the most and to be the first?"

For a lot of leaders, Jesus is not what's driving them. Their drive and motivations are a display of their insecurities.

Being driven by anything other than Jesus is what has gotten a lot of ministry leaders in a lot of trouble.

Having held various ministry offices and positions over the years, I can tell you first hand, that one of the down falls of being driven in ministry is, it can be easy to place artificial things where they shouldn’t be. If you're not careful, these things become the measuring stick that drives you rather than the Will or Word of God.

Many ministry leaders are guilty of using the name of Jesus, to masquerade insecurities. A lot of what they do is all an effort to not be out done by the ministry down the street.
  • For many, the source of their drive is simply an effort to prove a point to their enemies and their critics.
  • Making decisions and moves simply because you're concerned about what others think or say about you, both good and bad. I write about this here.
  • Saying things you don’t believe just to get invited back to speak.

  • Having a need to be recognized and validated so you work harder to get more recognition, therefore more validation.

Christian counselors James E. Hightower, and W. Craig Gilliam, when counseling ministry leaders found that, "Several clergy noted that a primary reason they entered the ministry was to find the paternal of parental approval and acceptance they had never experienced from their parents and siblings".

In almost twenty years of ministry, I have noticed that ministry success and insecurities are often linked. 

Many times ministry leaders have a need to be loved, and revered by people. So they often use artificial things as a way of getting over their insecurities. 

Ex. (If I can just get twenty more to join or ten more to come.)

As ministry leaders we tend to try to find our identity in ministry or the size of our ministries. 

When the ministry becomes your identity it never gives you what you hoped it would give. However, when God gives you your identity, then you can walk in security, rather than performing because you are insecure.

What should drive us is being the best example of Jesus. 

When you are driven by the right things, then the things you hope to happen will happen and other things will follow. Matthew 6:33

Security, not insecurity comes when you see yourself as a representation of the Kingdom and not this world.

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