Why Christians Should Stop Using the Word 'Church'

Religious people cherish their traditions. Any opposition or any attempt to educate them about these traditions is tantamount to blasphemy. With this in mind, I’m about to make what many would call a blasphemous statement.

We need to forever rid ourselves of the word "church" and many of its concepts. 

There... I said it. I went there.

Westerners have been taught this word since birth. King James made sure of this. He had a masterful plan and it worked.

From that point on, "church" for many is their god. A sacred place, an object of worship, their idol, their personal kingdom.

The word "church" is a part of our faith culture. It has been a part of the Christian DNA since the mid 1600's. However, like a drug, Christians should detox themselves from this word. We should shun it, be done with it, remove it from our Christian lexicon and culture.

"Church", is an old English word which comes from the old German chirche and cirice. It means a religious building or religious place. 

Contrary to what we have been taught, it does not mean the body of Christ.

Until about 322 AD., Christians did not view buildings as sacred. As a matter of fact, they viewed them as pagan.

Here's why Christians should stop using the word "church" in their Christian vocabulary.
  • The word "Church" is a purposely mis-translation of the Greek word ekklesia which means "called out ones".

    Historically these two words have two totally different meanings.

  • By switching ekklesia with the word "church", it drastically changed the meaning of what Jesus intended, and what He was saying to Peter in Matthew 16:18.

  • "Every time you see the word church in a Bible, you are seeing a place where the translators did not translate the text, but distorted it instead, for the sake of tradition.” Daniel Gruber, The Separation of Church & Faith.

  • This word switch has had major consequences in how we gather and worship, and so our results are much different from the results of first century believers.

  • The word "church" describes and symbolizes man made kingdoms used to systematically rob the poor.

  • It has been used as a tool to inject fear, guilt and intimidation in believers. (See my book Clever Lies and Assumptions).

  • It is a flawed and incorrect word used in association with Christians.

  • It is a place, a temple that God Himself say’s, that He, "no longer dwells".
How we gather, where we gather, and what we call the places we gather, has to change. The first step to achieving this change is our understanding of the word "church", the historical use of the word, and the damage that it has caused. 

Many Christian leaders have already begun this process. When will you?


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