2 Effective Tools Jesus Used To Influence Change

Jesus was a change agent. And like every change agent, His methods to influence change were and are unique.

Jesus had a purpose, and a mission. His was to bridge the gap between God and man. His was to save the lost.

To accomplish His purpose, and to complete His mission, required change in people.

There are a lot of ways to influence people to change. I write about this hereand here. As it relates to our Savior, here are two effective tools Jesus used to influence change.

  1. He told stories. We know them as parables. Those who teach change, know that if you want people to change, you'll have to relate the change you seek to a story. Jesus was good at this. 

    Throughout the four gospels, we see how Jesus used parables or stories to influence change or to make his point. 

    Telling stories helps people relate to the change expected of them, or the change that is needed. Stories also reinforce God's word with real life issues. This also helps people believe that change can happen.

  2. He modeled Expected Behavior. The four gospels give us insight on how Jesus led by example.

    If you want people to change, you must model the behavior you seek in others. It’s true, actions do speak louder than words. Talk is cheap. 

    Jesus did three things, when modeling the behavior He expected of us:

    He showed the way. Not just any way, but the right way so that His disciples could see how to do what was expected. They in turn showed others. 

    He was so committed to His purpose for us so much so, that He was willing to do these same things Himself. 

    He conformed to righteousness rather than to the world; He went against the teaching of the Pharisees. Because He conformed to God’s word as a leader, those He led were more willing to conform as well. 
Let's be mindful of our influence because people model what they see and hear.

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