Why You Should Rethink What You Believe Discipleship Is

According to the latest Barna Group studyChristians don't do discipleship very well.

The dramatic decline in discipleship today, I believe, is because of what many have been taught and believe discipleship is.

You can be the most bible literate person, but if you’re not doing discipleship, or acting out what a true disciple is, it is all for naught. 

Jesus said to His first disciples, “Go and make disciples.” There is some wisdom behind why Jesus said this. 

There are two words we should pay close attention to here: 

First, the word go is an action word. It means, to move

We have to understand that Jesus was saying go and convert others. Share with them what I have shared with you. 

Discipleship is a function that has to move to be effective. 

Evangelism and discipleship go hand in hand. You can’t be one without the other. But then again, evangelism is dead in most places of worship.

Secondly, the word make is an adjective. It describes what is being done. 

When you make something, you are showing an outward expression or demonstration. 

The more you make or do something, the better at it you become. So, the more we make disciples, the better disciples we become, helping to make us more like Jesus. 

When I was in high school, I had a history teacher who would often say, "We learn in order to put into practice what we have learned." He was right. It has been my experience that the best way to learn something, is to do it. 

This is one of the reasons why I love teaching about Jesus and His principles. This is why I love mentoring and coaching those in ministry. It allows me to apply and share what I’ve learned. Learn more.

If you believe that discipleship is how mature or how much a Christian knows, you should rethink what you believe about discipleship. 

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  1. "We Learn in order to put into practice what we learned," that line was worth the visit :-) Thanks for sharing your blog withour readers. Peace, Troy

    1. Bless you Troy. And thank you for your many years of continued service to our community. F. L. Anderson


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