Don't Let Tradition Dictate How You Do Ministry

I was talking with a young ministry leader, and he said something that caught my attention.  He said, "When I see how some people conduct and lead ministry it makes me not want to do ministry." 

In this post, I'm sharing with you, what I shared with him. 

Don't let tradition (church, religious denominations or otherwise) dictate how you do or express ministry. 

Don't let our western understanding and religious practices discourage you from doing or expressing ministry differently. 

This kind of fear causes you to adjust to what is perceived as "the norm". You'll start to hesitate, and over analyze religious details until you end up doing nothing at all. In the end, you'll feel even worse because now, you’re not doing anything. 

In the New Testament, it was the believers at Antioch that first broke the mold of sharing the news of Jesus’ redemptive death and life-giving resurrection to Jewish people only. 

At Antioch, they realized that the Holy Spirit was working in new ways to reach the Gentile culture in which they found themselves. So, they began to target and reach out to those outside the traditional ethnic and religious structures of Judaism. 

Change is not easy, but it's certainly not new. 

There is nothing wrong with expressing your gift, operating in your calling, and serving in ministry differently. 

We serve a God who believes in change, when change is necessary. 

You can find change from Adam and Eve, up to now. 

Every time culture shifted, God was paying attention and moved accordingly. 

If we search the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, we can see the Lord making changes. From removing Adam and Eve out of the garden, never to return, to clothing Himself in flesh and walking among us, and more. 

God said in Isaiah 43:19, 'Behold, I will do a new thing.' 

In other words, I'm going to do something different, I'm changing things. I'm shaking things up... So should you. 

We are creative beings made in the image of a creative God. Gen. 1:27 

Those who use their creativity and do things differently, blaze trails, take risks and try new ways of expressing their gift, operating in their calling, and serving in ministry. 

They ask, 'Why not?' They innovate. They respond to challenges, not with fear, but with imagination. 

In John 4:7-9, Jesus broke with tradition. He did something different.

I am contacted often by those in ministry, male and female, for guidance, prayer and encouragement. These individuals lead, or are a part of ministries of various kinds. They seek input from someone who understands the issues of our times, and the affects they have on the expression, function and operation of ministry today. 

They're looking to do ministry differently and outside the lens, culture and limits of what has been taught in the past, and believed to be ministry. 

They want to do ministry as Jesus intended; as God leads, and beyond the four walls. 

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