Why You Should See Your Ministry as an Art and Not Just a Calling

"Real Artists Don't Starve", is a new book by Jeff Goins. In this book, Jeff debunks the starving artist myth and encourages and inspires creatives of all kinds.

When I heard Jeff talking about his new book, in an interview with Michael Hyatt (see video below), It occurred to me that he was expressing some of the same principles and ideas I've been sharing on my blog with ministry leaders

Yes ministry leaders we are artist and creatives too! Ministry leaders can apply these same principles that Jeff talks about to their ministry and calling.

Wouldn't you really want to do ministry that makes a difference and transforms those you lead and serve?

Ministry could use more creativity, some rethinking, rearranging of patterns, thoughts and processes that favor positive transformation, rather than rules that say you have to do what we've always done. 

Jeff Goins has good news: It's time to see your ministry as an art and not just a calling. It's time to take your creativity and start using it as a strategic advantage in your ministry. 

Ready to change the way you do and think about ministry? Read Jeff's new book for creatives, artist, writers and yes ministry leaders.

We are creative beings made in the image of a creative God. 

Watch: (Video takes a few seconds to start)

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