4 Ingredients for Recreating Ministry

We are indeed creative beings made in the image of a creative God. So why are so many bound by rules that hinder their creativity?

When leaders, systems and traditions become barriers to creativity it prevents individuals from experiencing lasting transformation.

Time to recreate ministry. 

Not the kind of ministry that many have been taught and have accepted, Not the one person show guarded and maintained by the gate keepers of generations past, but ministry re-imagined. Ministry that's fresh, new and different. Ministry that truly serves and transforms. 

This means breaking some rules and walking away from what people have always told you ministry is or should be. 

Ready to recreate ministry? Here are four ingredients.

  1. Be strategically focused on what really matters. Don’t miss the big picture. Consider your ultimate goal and purpose. 

    Paul wrote to the Philippians, “For I want you to understand what really matters…”

    Harness your focus on the right things, so that your energy won’t be wasted on the wrong things or the wrong people.

  2. Be entrepreneurial. Most leaders who are creatives are entrepreneurs. 

    As entrepreneurs, we see problems and we set out to solve them. We make things easier, faster, or more convenient. We entertain, inspire or advise. We improve lives in so many ways.

  3. Failure is an option. As the song goes, "Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose". It's OK to fail. It's how we learn.

    Like any entrepreneur, we must
    be willing to fail. Why? Because entrepreneurs are risk takers, and people who take risks sometimes fail.

    The key is to learn from the failure.
    "If you fall 7 times, get up eight".

  4. Be gritty, because with failure comes hardships and criticism.

    Despite adverse circumstancespersevere and maintain your passion for the long haul. 
What keeps you creative in your ministry? 

What are the barriers to your creativity that you are confronted with in ministry?


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