Online Giving: 7 Reasons Your Organization's Not Getting Any

Whether it's ongoing giving, the end of the year giving season, or major donation drives after a tragic event, if you're like me, online giving is your preferred donation method.

With online giving increasing, especially among young adults, you would think that faith-based and other non-profit groups would be prepared. Unfortunately, there not.

Your organization or ministry is missing out if you do not have an online giving platform or strategy to reach donors, potential donors and members. 

Whether your organization or ministry is feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, music, writing/blogging, speaking, outreach or church, you'll want this informative and helpful resource.

When it comes to giving there are ups and downs, peaks and lows throughout the year but especially during the summer. Don't let your ministry's budget take a hit. 

Find out why, when it comes to online giving, your organization's not getting any, and what you can do to change that.

Plus you'll get a list of the leading online giving platforms to help you or your organization engage your donors and potential donors.


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