6 Reasons Asking Questions is Key to Influencing Change in Ministry

Over the years, I've been asked by many to give advise on certain issues and circumstances. Over time, I've discovered that rather than just giving advice, or simply telling someone what I think, I now ask questions.

For example I'll say, "I'm sure you've given this some thought, what do you think you should do?"

From here I can better guide them in the right direction.

If as a ministry leader you want to effectively influence change, asking questions first, versus telling or instructing is key.

Here's why: 
  1. Asking questions is how we learn. We learn best through conversation, and questions open the door for conversation.

  2. Asking questions encourages critical thinking. This puts the individual in a position to dig deeper and look beyond the simple or selfish answers.

  3. Asking questions prevents the person from settling for an answer or solution they really haven't bought in to.

  4. Asking questions puts the individual answering the question in a position to own the solution.

  5. Asking questions helps build the individual's confidence.

  6. Asking questions encourages you to ask better questions.
I've learned that just simply giving advice can help, but it can also do just as much harm. It can cause those you lead to become totally dependent on you for all the answers. Total dependence hinders growth. As leaders, our job is to make more leaders, not followers. 

Research proves that change takes place when questions are asked, and the most effective way to influence change in any group, organization or individual is to ask questions. 

So, say less, ask more and change the way you lead forever.


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