4 Things Ministry Leaders Aren't Transparent About But Should Be

The Apostle Paul was always concerned about being an example for others. He never wanted people to think that he was better, or above them. Instead, he chose to do what no other leader in the New Testament did - share with us the issues and personal failings in his life.

Throughout the new testament, Paul shares with us his weakness and vulnerabilities. He talks about his temptations and his human struggles. He talks about his mistakes and how far he was from perfection and that he didn't have all the answers nor did he have it all together.

Unfortunately, to many leaders are afraid and or unwilling to follow Paul's example of transparency and vulnerability.

Here's what ministry leaders aren't transparent about, but should  be.
  1. Sometimes we experience difficulty winning souls.
    Yep... Let's be honest, when a person discovers that we're leaders in ministry, it can quickly become a barrier. The person no longer sees just another person, but in many cases, are unsure how to communicate or relate to us.

  2. At times, we too struggle spiritually and emotionally.
    Over the years, we've become good at masking it, but sometimes, we feel like our prayers don't get answered, or the Lord's not hearing us. For this and other reasons, many go into depression, some even as far as manic depression.

  3. We get tired and need a break from ministry.
    Many have been convinced that we are superhuman. The truth is, we're not. We get tired too. Even bored, at times.

  4. Like any human, we have some insecurities.
    No matter how long we've been in ministry, every leader has an insecurity.
As you can see, "We are merely human".

Successful leaders are transparent enough about these issues with themselves first and then with others you can trust. Being so helps those we lead benefit from our experiences.

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