10 Reasons Why Everyone Knows Ministry Has Changed But You

There are many factors influencing how we do and think about ministry today. Technology has shifted, and influenced everything. It has created opportunities, opened doors and removed barriers, even in ministry. Everyone knows this but you. Why is that?

No matter what ministry you're in or leading, understand that you have a lot to lose if you don't grasp how culture and technology is and has rapidly changed the face, function and operation of ministry.

Here's why everyone knows ministry has changed but you:
  1. You lack the wisdom and foresight to see beyond what's in front of you. Your vision of the future looks a lot like the past.
  2. You see ministry from the lens of tradition, and are stuck in the way things use to be.
  3. You fear change, and are comfortable with the way things are.
  4. You think the gatekeepers still exist. They don't.

    You now have the ability to reach others with such a force that the former gatekeepers can't contend with. You now have access to an audience you wouldn't have otherwise.
  5. You don't believe you can control your destiny. If you believe, "You can do all things through Christ", then do it!
  6. You don't understand how to effectively use the current technology to leverage you or your ministry. Nor will you surround yourself with people who do.
  7. You're still waiting to be picked by people. You care more about what people think than what you know.
  8. You're still waiting on people to come to you. This is not scripture, neither is it a good leadership strategy.
  9. You won't or don't know how to take your gifts and talents to the masses. Ask around. (Matthew 7:7-8)
  10. You still won't and don't like to read.

    Some say, "I read the bible". Reading the bible is a must, but reading only the bible limits your gifts and creativity, which limits ministry manifestations and success.
It's time you face the music and own your short comings as it relates to change.

Change is necessary for growth and success, no matter who you are, who you’re leading or what you’re doing. 

Change doesn't mean you did something wrong, it means you want to do better.


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