Why an Ideal Environment Can Help You Thrive

Humans are like plants in many ways. ("Then the LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground.") Gen. 2:7. 

Like plants, humans also have an eco-system. A large community linked together in various ways. A body of living organisms that come together, creating the ideal environment to produce desired results.

Just as every plant has an ideal environment, the amount of sunlight it needs to survive, soil composition, hydration, and humidity level, so do we. Each of us has or favor certain conditions that help us to thrive and do well. "Souls who follow their hearts thrive." Proverbs 13:19 

For example: 

  • Some people thrive working forty hours a week, others at fifty or more. For me, it's about sixty hours a week with running a business, my online ministry and everything that comes with that. At the same time, if it's more than sixty hours, I'm overwhelmed.
  • Some people are office people. Some are not.
  • Some work well in groups, others independently, or at home.
  • Some are morning people, and others are night owls. Some, like myself, go either way.
  • Some like long vacations, or days off to keep themselves at ideal performance. Some only need very little rest or time off.
  • Some people are very social and need lots of interaction to thrive. Maybe you're like me, and don't need as much interaction to thrive.
  • Being a part of a network of people like you. Like minded people who share your heart. When I need that social interaction I have a network to go to.

We all have our own preferred environment or eco-system that is important for us to be at our best. Find yours. 

If you find yourself tired, irritable, slacking, slow, struggling or even dying, chances are your eco-system is off.


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