Why Ministry is About Relationships Not Just Activities

When I sat out in 2011, to change the way we do and think about ministry, one of the first things I understood was the importance of rethinking what ministry really is.

Let's be honest, western culture does a poor job of defining and understanding what ministry is. For most, when they hear the word "ministry," their first thought is of a service activity on Sunday morning, Bible study, a religious event, or some sort of class. Fact is, activities alone is not ministry. 

Sure, ministry can happen while participating and providing these activities, but ministry isn't about programs, nor is it an activity alone.


Jesus understood this, and that the activity is just the facilitator, and should never be the main focus. (Mary and Martha)

Notice how Jesus was always concerned about the issues and needs of the people, and how he took time to relate to the people He encountered. (Hebrews 4:15)
That's ministry.


  1. I cannot disagree! Let's take that one step further- a relationship is not texting or email it involves direct contact. A ministry goes after the one sheep.

  2. Well stated and well needed! Thanks! :-)


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