Why What "They Say" is Not Necessarily True

I can’t even remember how many times I’ve read the illustration Jesus gave about old and new wine skins, in Luke 5:36-39. The last time I read it, I wrote a blog and asked the question, Is Your Ministry Operating Within Systems That are No Longer Valid?  I'm still asking this question.

It’s amazing how we can read a passage of scripture over and over again and get something new every time.

Well, a few weeks ago I was listening to the same passage of scripture via a bible app as I was driving, and for the first time, verse 39 stood out. 

It caught my attention so much, and wanting to make sure I heard it correctly, I had to go back and hear it three times. 

It was like Jesus was sharing a bit of sarcasm. He tends to do this from time to time throughout scripture. 

“But no one who drinks the old wine seems to want the new wine. The old is just fine; they say.” NLT

Did you catch His sarcasm? 

Did you get what He was saying? 

If you’ve been following my blog and reading it for any length of time, you know my position on religious traditions, denominational protocols, ‘church’ programs and ministry methods that do more harm to the body of believers than good. Here’s a list, just in case.

His point was this: Those who love the old, either won’t or can’t accept the new. They're just fine with the way things are. They’re just fine with the old. The old is better. That’s what “they say.” 

Like puppets on a string, Christians say a lot of things that are not necessarily true. Too often, the things we say are derived from what we have been taught to say and believe. These beliefs are taught and past on by those who can't or won't change.

“I Will Do a New Thing” 

Are your ‘church’ programs and ministries so structured that they have no room for a fresh touch or move of God? 

Does your current leadership fight against a new method or new idea? 

Has the old way of doing things become so rigid, that it prevents you or others from adapting to fit new circumstances and accepting new ways of thinking that comes from above? 

Don't be a Pharisee. Keep your heart and mind pliable to accept any “New Thing” from God.

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