Why Bishop Curry's Message Connected With So Many

Until early Saturday morning while sitting in the barber shop, I'd never heard of Bishop Michael Curry. Had I not been scrolling through social media and reading messages of excitement about what he was saying, I'd still not know him. 

Unless you're from Chicago, you may have never heard of him either. But after his message at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the whole world knows him now.

In an interview, about why he thought his message resonated with so many, he talked about the use of language to communicate the "Good News". In other words, tell the story of Jesus in a language people understand

Here's why everyone's talking about Bishop Curry's message, and why it's connecting with so many:
  1. He Spoke With Passion. One of the reasons why I no longer speak at traditional Christian settings is because I'm asked to speak on things I either don't care about, or have no passion for.

    Have you ever had something happen to you that was so exciting you could hardly wait to tell your friends? 

    That's the way you should feel about the message you're speaking about. It should be something you care about, an issue that angers you, or a topic that gets you excited.

    When you speak on matters you're passionate about, you come across as believable, and are less likely to use your notes.

    I noticed that Bishop Curry had notes, but really didn't have to use them. There's even talk that he may have gone off script, if so, I'm happy that he did.

    Your passion and enthusiasm becomes contagious, and if you are excited, that excitement will infect your listeners, and they are more likely to take action.

    On the other hand, if you are unexcited about your topic, you are apt to do a lackluster job in preparing the message, that when you deliver it, you will probably come across as dull and unconvincing.

  2. He Told A Familiar Story Differently. His message was about the 'Power of Love'. (Watch it here.)

    He spoke on a topic that you can hear on any given Sunday morning, but articulated it with words that reflect our current times.

    With all of the celebrities in attendance, and in a country like Britain, where 
    Christians are afraid to express their faith, Bishop Curry used the right words for the right audience.
Whenever you can get the media excited about the gospel message, you've done something right, and Bishop Curry has done just that!

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