9 Reasons Why Ministries Should Build an Email List

In the past, I've talked about why being online and using social media is so important for ministry

I've tested and experimented with just about all the social platforms to determine it's relevance for ministries. And what I've discovered is, depending on the ministry and your audience, some social media platforms work better than others.

I've also discovered that Twitter and Facebook tend to have a bias against traditional "Church" based organizations.

Over the years, there have been many changes in the way social media works. With these changes, come issues with its effectiveness of reach. 

With Facebook there is a major decline in organic reach. In 2012, it was reported that only 16.5 of the people who like your page see what you post. Since then we’ve seen even lower numbers. Today, organic reach is almost none existent and the glory days of anyone seeing what you post in their feed are gone.

Just recently at F8, Facebook's annual developer conference, CEO, Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage and announced some drastic changes that have already happened.

But there is one other thing to consider. What do you do when social media goes down, and it stops working for hours? How do you get a message to those you lead, that bible study is delayed or moved to another venue. Now what? How would you communicate with your followers or members of your organization?

There is one communication tool that may be old, but is always constant, and I believe, more effective and that's email and email marketing.

Out of all the social channels I've tested as a ministry leader and coach, email continually outperforms social media, and consistently generates more traffic to my website.

Read what David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) has to say about email.

"Email is back, even though it never when away. It's still the best way to stay in touch with your audience." Patt Flynn

If you or your ministry have gotten away from or have forgotten about email as a way of reaching others, here are nine reasons why you should reconsider and focus on email marketing and building an email list. 
  1. You should still collect email addresses so you can get people back to your site on a continual basis.

    Every time you publish a new post, have an upcoming event, group meetup, etc., you can notify your list, which will help increase repeat traffic to your site.

  2. With all the algorithm changes with social media, email allows you to engage your audience in a creative, personalized way that tweets and Facebook posts can’t.

  3. Email gives you a creative outlet to prove that you are good at what you do, to understand a followers problem, and provide a solution in a more personal and delightful way.

  4. Every email is an opportunity to be focus specific, to relate to your audience and to prove that you’re relevant.
  5. Your audience is your asset. “An email list is critical because you shouldn't build your content on rented land. So many brands and companies build their audiences on Facebook, which is fine, but we don’t own those names" Joe Pulizzi

  6. When you give up communication to your customers through Facebook or Twitter, you are now at the mercy of them allowing you to talk to your audience.

  7. When you email, it gets into your audiences inbox. Then it’s up to you to make sure you are sending content and information they want to receive. 

    "Nothing gets engagement like email. Twitter, Facebook, etc. is almost irrelevant by comparison. If someone has given you their email address, they are ready to engage with your content or products. And, best of all, they’ll help you promote it so you can get more email subscribers.” Nathalie Lussier

  8. With email, you're not just a status update. Emails wait in someone’s inbox until they’ve read it. And when you write useful emails, people refer to them more than once, because emails are easily searchable.

  9. Unlike social media, when you build an email list, it’s "yours”. You don’t have to worry about a third party changing the rules on you. 
Of course, Email is not perfect. According to studies, 22% of emails sent, get lost in the junk or spam folders, or are blocked by ISPs. But that still leaves you with an average of 78% messages delivered, compared to only an average of maybe 1 - 10% on Facebook and Twitter. 

You do the math...

Email is by far the most effective communication platform between you, your ministry and its audience.

Experts all agree, that building an email list is vital.

Don’t be the ministry leader that misses out on engaging with your audience, reaching your community, and protecting yourself from changes in search and social algorithms. 

Be the ministry, community, or business leader that doesn’t have to regret not building an email list. Start today!

Watch: More changes are on the way to Facebook and Instagram. Many of the changes have already begun.


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