What You Should Know About My Resources

Some of you may be wondering about my resources, "What's in them?" and "How can they help me?" Great question!

Here's what you should know:

My Resources give you my best premium content on demand, whenever you need it, packaged in a way that will help you, your ministry and leadership grow.

In 2014, I started saying no to over 80% of all the requests I received to speak. Why? Well, one reason is, I realized I needed a way to help those I simply can't reach in person, for a fraction of the cost of flying me in.

This is kind of funny, but even though my resources cost a fraction of what it takes to fly any speaker in, they actually deliver far more than any speaking engagement would. 

Each resource/course includes way more detailed content than I could possibly give in person, at an event or blog post. 

So, you get far more for way less. 

That's why I do resources, as well as my free coaching/blog content.

I have six open right now, and you can find them by selecting 'resources' on the navigation menu of my site.

Most of what I do, as you know, is free. And I want my free content to be better than other people's paid content.

To that end, here's what's new on the blog, aka 'FREE COACHING' :

If you or your ministry have gotten away from or forgotten about email as a way of reaching others, here are nine reasons why you should reconsider and focus on building an email list

Why do I do all this? Simple...to help you thrive in life and ministry. 

Appreciate you so much.


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