Why You Should Build A Ministry Around A Product, Not A Person

Too often ministries, organizations and even businesses are built around a person, rather than a product (your mission or vision). That one or more things your organization does well.

Many well-known and lesser known ministries and organizations have figured this out. Even when these groups lose their leader, they may take a significant hit in the short term, but long term, they are very much alive and moving forward months later not years. Why? Because their organization is built around their mission, vision or things they do well as an organization.

Ministries like, New Birth, which after the Eddie Long scandal, "dropped from a membership of 25,000 to three thousand in a year."

Mars Hill, a ministry that split and had to change its name to save the organization. 

The Potters House, although they have had no real major scandal involving its leader, every time they have an organizational issue that goes public, the 'Jakes' brand takes a hit. It is an organization that is slowly dying from a "death of a thousand cuts."

What do these ministries have in common? 

These ministries are built around a person rather than a product. Every time the person (or personal brand) takes a hit, the ministry as an organization takes a hit as well.

It’s tempting to think that innovative companies like Apple or SpaceX built their future around a person. We just think and assume one person created all that success. While great leadership is essential to an organization's future,(Jakes for example) to think one person did it all is naive thinking. 

Apple has tripled in market capitalization since Steve Jobs died in 2011. It has also released many new products! 

You can argue all day long about whether Jobs would have made it better, but the truth is by almost all the numbers, the company is stronger than it has ever been. And while you may be able to name the CEO of Facebook and Apple, can you name the CEO of SpaceX? What about the founder(s) of LinkedIn? Nest? Airbnb? Square or even YouTube? 

Even Jesus knew He was not the product, salvation was and still is. 

Let me share a bit of information with you. What were once well known ministries have died, are dying and find it difficult to keep their doors open. Why? Because they were and are built around a person: their pastor, leader, etc. and not the product (the mission or vision).

If you build your future around a product, you’ll have a stronger future. If you make yourself more important than the vision, you’ve lost the mission and your organization will fade away.

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