4 Reasons Why Doing Something NEW Helps a Ministry Flourish

I am convinced, that one of the reasons why the Christian faith was so successful in the 1st century, was because it was new.

When God said, "Behold I will do a new thing", is shows that He understands the power of new.

Think about this. Jesus came on the scene with a new message people had never heard. He didn't modify something old, he introduced something newHe didn't come to make something old, better. He did something totally different. 

"A new commandment I give you".

This new commandment was just a piece of a bigger plan that brought about the fulfillment of an old convent, replacing it with something new

  • He introduced a new movement called, "The Way". Which we now call "Christians".

  • He fulfilled an old covenant with a new covenant.

  • He even gave a new commandment.

New brings excitement, curiosity and fresh energy. 

Remember how excited you were when you moved into your first apartment or when you purchased your new home? 

What about when you got that new car, new job or when the new baby arrived? 

Curious people came to hear Jesus teach this new message. But it wasn't just this new message, it was Jesus himself.

Sometimes it takes a new face, a new look or new energy to turn things around.

Jesus talked about the familiar differently. He explained things clearly, and demonstrated what He taught with action. All this newness made it easier for people to embrace Him. 

This newness helped His ministry flourish and it can do the same for you.

Here are four reasons why doing something new can help you and the ministry you lead flourish.

  1. New reflects the current times we live in.

  2. New changes your perspective and allows you to see things differently.

  3. New helps you step outside your comfort zone. Once outside your comfort zone you have the ability to feel, see, and recognize opportunities.

  4. New helps you to be more open to change, new experiences, and to new possibilities.

It is human nature to want to cling to what we're comfortable and familiar with, even when it no longer works or fits.

Doing something new means breaking away from the traditional and replacing the old.

As ministry leaders, or soon to be leaders, learn to let go and unhitch yourself from those things that prevent you and those you lead, from fully appreciating, experiencing and even recognizing the new that God has for you.


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