10 Reasons Young Adults are Checking Out of Your Place of Worship

Whenever I visit a place of worship, ('church') I make it a point to notice the number of young adults in attendance as well as the number of them in leadership positions. Why?  Because the number of young adults in any organization says a lot about that organizations future.

Millennials are the largest generation since the "Baby Boomer" generation, with numbers expecting to reach 73 million in population in 2019.

The primary mission of every generation of 'church' leaders is to first share our faith with the next generation, to one day pass the reins of leadership. Those that fail to reach young adults will struggle far more than ministries that don’t. 

If we're not reaching the future of our faith and ministry, then there is no future. This means the body, the ekklesia, is dying.

Maybe you've heard that young adults are leaving 'church' the faith and the building. Some say in "droves" and some say it's worse in some cultures and denominations than others. Whatever the numbers are, they are leaving and that's a fact.


"The Church as we know it is changing and you have identified why."
Tim Kurtz, Sr. Pastor New Life Ministries