Understanding Your Digital Platform

So, your ministry has a digital platform? The question is, do you or someone on your team understand how to effectively use it?

Most ministry leaders have never given any thought on how to use their digital platforms, and say to themselves, "OK, we're on social media, we have a website, we're good."

That's like saying, I have a car, and never drive it. 

I invite you to take your digital platform for a drive. 

Your digital platform is a gate way for building relationships and connecting with others. 

It provides a door to an audience that an analog experience can’t provide. 

It provides a window to reaching people in ways traditional outreach can’t. 

Did you know that before visitors or donors come to your location, they have already vetted your organization online? 

With this in mind, part of the success of any ministry is understanding its digital platform.

Using digital technology better, means seeing your digital platform as an extension of your brick and mortar ministry, rather than a threat to it.

The days of thinking that you can reach the world with the gospel with only a building are gone. Your digital platform can reach far more souls beyond your building.

  • Do you "Live Stream"? We live in an on – demand world, so very little is done at a set time, all the time anymore. 

    If your ministry is still promoting the come see or visit us only on this day and time, at this place, it’s time that you begin to rethink ministry. I write about this here.

  • Videos can be used to recap an event, message and sermon and adds an element of worth, sincerity and fun to and about  a ministry.

  • Social Media can increases your influence by giving you an opportunity to be a resource to others. You should use it at least once a day.

  • Blogging and or Podcasting lends proof of your gift, experience and expertise in your area of ministry.

  • Your e-mail list is not just for sending your weekly or monthly “newsletter”. It’s more than that.

    Email gives you a creative outlet to prove that you are good at what you do, to understand a followers problem, and provide a solution in a more personal and delightful way. 

    Every email address is an opportunity to be focus specific, to relate to your audience and to prove that you’re relevant. 

    If you or your ministry have gotten away from or forgotten about email as a way of reaching others, you should reconsider and focus on building an email list.

With digital platforms, the gospel can travel further and faster than ever before. You should seek to understand it better because it's rapidly changing the way we do and think about ministry.


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