6 Ways To Break Out of A “Church as Usual” Mindset

Breaking out of a “church as usual” mindset requires the use of imagination and original ideas. It requires creativity and to be creative in ministry, you will have to be like Jesus and break with tradition and the status quo.

The way we think or “do church” in the western world is rooted in 3 things:
  • Tradition or cultural beliefs that are long established ideas, customs and even superstitions.
  • Denominational beliefs that are based on doctrine and religious protocols.
  • Generational beliefs that over time have determined policy, service types and positions.

These 3 things should only be a guide, not a dictate as to how ministry is done

Much of what we do as Christians is what some call, “Cultural Christianity”. For the same reason, Jews and many gentiles found it difficult to embrace Gods new covenant, is the same reason many today love and embrace “church as usual”, long, established and rooted beliefs as it relates to what we have been taught and believe “church” is. 

I am a believer that for things to change, somebody, somewhere, has to start thinking and behaving differently. 

Breaking out of a “church as usual” mindset requires a different way of thinking and a different way of doing things. Let this behavior begin with you.

Here are six ways to help you and your team break out of a “church as usual” mindset. 
  1. Be creative.

    Use your imagination led by the Holy spirit and original ideas.

  2. Observe.

    Put yourself and or your team in an atmosphere where change can be observed. 

    Let your team see other teams, and groups doing things the way you desire. This will help them to see and understand that change is not only possible but it's OK.

  3. Read more.

    Some say, "I read the bible". Reading the bible is a must, but reading only the bible limits your gifts and creativity, which limits ministry manifestations and success. On the other hand, diversifying your reading does just the opposite. Among other things, reading makes us better thinkers.

  4. Change your environment.

    This means creating an environment conducive to change.

    If you’re a ministry leader, let your meetings and bible studies have an atmosphere that produces change. The speakers you bring in and your activities should reflect what it is you’re trying to do and accomplish. 

    Put up signs with biblical quotes about change. Make new connections. Surround yourself with people who think differently and are doing what you want and desire to do. This new connection should become your network and your inner circle

  5. Break the rules of ministry.

    One of the reasons why many ministry leaders have a breakout season in their ministry is because they have come to realize that the patterns and scripts they were given, don't fit who and what they are called to be and do. At some point, they made and make choices that benefit them, as well as those they lead and serve. Choices that open doors and create the opportunities they’ve been hoping and praying for, for so long.

    Many times, these changes break the rules of tradition, culture, and denomination. The apostle Peter made this discovery in Acts 10-11. After choosing to break with the protocols of tradition and culture, his decision opened the door for Cornelius and his family to receive what they deeply hoped for and desired. 

  6. Re-create.

    Not the kind of ministry that many have been taught and have accepted but ministry re-imagined.  Ministry that's fresh, new and different. Ministry that truly serves and transforms.
Breaking out of a “church as usual” mindset is a form of change, and change is not always easy. It doesn’t come overnight, it takes time.

Change is even more difficult if your organization is largely seniors. Change for many seniors is difficult and so they'll tend to cling to the traditional and status quo for a sense of security. 

Just as change is not easy, neither is leading change. Why? Because you’re going against the way things have always been done. But Christ ministry was about change, and He was not afraid to speak the truth to authorities that were hindering the progress of His kingdom’s growth.

Love to hear your thoughts and suggestions as it relates to this topic. Just leave a comment below.


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