Your Suffering Doesn't Exempt You From God's Call

If you're following me on Instagram you know that recently I released three new t-shirt designs. One of which is the one you see above. Since then I've received comments on Instagram, like, "This one hit me hard". Also some wanted to know the motivation or inspiration behind the message. I'm glad you asked.

The motivation and inspiration behind the message on this t-shirt, came during a difficult time in ministry for me.

In the book of Acts 14:19-20, just days after the people in Lystra thought that Paul and Barnabas were gods and wanted to offer sacrifices to them, they then turned around and stoned Paul and left him for dead. They hit him in the face and head with rocks for teaching the gospel and telling them the truth. They stoned him until he passed out.

Then as a few believers gathered around him as he laid on the ground, wounded and half conscious, scripture says that Paul got up and went back into the same city to preach and teach the "Good News".

But wait! Where was Barnabas?

I don't know what happened to Barnabas when things got out of control, when things got heated or when it was time to take a stand. The bible doesn't say. It does say that, "as the believers gathered around him," him being Paul. I suppose Barnabas was one of those gathering.

There was a time in ministry when I became tired and fed up with the same old cookie-cutter, status-quo, traditional process, feel and look of Christian ministry. I soon felt lead to do something about it and not just talk about. I was evolving into a different kind and type of leader that didn't fit or sit well within the ministry circles I was in at that time. As I began my transition, I began to suffer at the hands of some within those circles.

In an upcoming resource coming fall 2019 I go more in depth about my spiritual evolution and transition so stay tuned.

The word suffer means to endure, to labor under, to experience, to put up with, to allow. After such an ordeal like Paul's, many of us would have thrown in the towel. As a matter of fact, many do and have.

Paul had to contend with stones that were real and hurt. The rocks that you and I are being stoned with are words, people and life circumstances. Yes it hurts, but like Paul we must learn to focus on the call and not the suffering.

When the issues of life hit you in the head like a rock, be like Paul. Be committed to your callingPick yourself up, shake it off and get back in the fight!

Even though Paul was wounded, he understood the work of ministry still had to get done. He understood that his suffering did not exempt him from God's call.

If you would like to purchase this t-shirt for yourself or someone you know, just click this link.

I hope this post/article helps you do and think about ministry differently.

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