Understanding Your Digital Platform

So, your ministry has a digital platform? The question is, do you or someone on your team understand how to effectively use it?

10 Reasons Young Adults are Checking Out of Your Place of Worship

Whenever I visit a place of worship, ('church') I make it a point to notice the number of young adults in attendance as well as the number of them in leadership positions. Why?  Because the number of young adults in any organization says a lot about that organizations future.

Millennials are the largest generation since the "Baby Boomer" generation, with numbers expecting to reach 73 million in population in 2019.

The primary mission of every generation of 'church' leaders is to first share our faith with the next generation, to one day pass the reins of leadership. Those that fail to reach young adults will struggle far more than ministries that don’t. 

If we're not reaching the future of our faith and ministry, then there is no future. This means the body, the ekklesia, is dying.

Maybe you've heard that young adults are leaving 'church' the faith and the building. Some say in "droves" and some say it's worse in some cultures and denominations than others. Whatever the numbers are, they are leaving and that's a fact.

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Young Adults are Checking Out 
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"The Church as we know it is changing and you have identified why."
Tim Kurtz, Sr. Pastor New Life Ministries

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4 Reasons Why Doing a "New Thing" Helps a Ministry Flourish

I am convinced, that one of the reasons why the Christian faith was so successful in the 1st century, was because it was new.

The Future 'Church' Meets Anytime... Anywhere... Sometimes...

Whether you call it the digital age or the digital disruption, 'church' leaders are leading in really interesting times. Just as it's changed the way people think and work, it's changing the way the 'church' meets.

Why You Should Build A Ministry Around A Product, Not A Person

Too often ministries, organizations and even businesses are built around a person, rather than a product (our mission). There was a time when this was the model. Fortunately, those days are gone.

What You Should Know About My Resources

Some of you may be wondering about my resources. What's in them..? How can they help you..?

Here's what you should know:

9 Reasons Why Ministries Should Focus on Building an Email List

In the past, I've talked about why being online and using social media is so important for ministry

I've tested and experimented with just about all the social platforms to determine it's relevance for ministries. And what I've discovered is, depending on your ministry and your audience, some social media platforms work better than others.

Why Bishop Curry's Message Connected With So Many

Until early Saturday morning while sitting in the barber shop, I'd never heard of Bishop Michael Curry. Had I not been scrolling through social media and reading messages of excitement about what he was saying, I'd still not know him. 

Unless you're from Chicago, you may have never heard of him either. But after his message at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the whole world knows him now.

Why What "They Say" is Not Necessarily True

I can’t even remember how many times I’ve read the illustration Jesus gave about old and new wine skins, in Luke 5:36-39. The last time I read it, I wrote a blog and asked the question, Is Your Ministry Operating Within Systems That are No Longer Valid?  I'm still asking this question.

The Difficulty of Ministry Transition

There are many things I learned about the process of transition as it relates to ministry. The first thing I learned is that I needed to prepare myself for it. This could only begin by recreating myself. Letting go of who I was before, and accepting who I am and what and where God wants me to be.

The Difficulty of Transition

When I began my transition in 2008, I discovered quickly that transitioning in all of it's aspects is difficult.

One of the biggest difficulties is when you experience what Tim Kurtz calls "Internal reconciliation". This is when you discover something in scripture that is not lived out in practice. You begin to see things based on what it really is rather than what others say it is.

Let The Transition Begin

In the early stages of your transition, you'll find yourself still connected to what you've always known, what you have been taught, and the people who teach and believe as you once did. 

You soon discover that these things, traditions, and people no longer fit into what you now know. 

To continue to do what you no longer  believe, challenges your new learning and thinking.

During my transition, I could not continue as usual. To do so was to continue the status quo. To do so was to participate, teach and be apart of something I no longer believed or had faith in.

"If you do anything you believe is not right, 
 you are sinning." Romans 14:23

Whatever your ministry or calling, as you begin to learn and grow, sooner or later you'll be faced with the "what next" decision. 
  • Leaving a particular ministry for another?
  • Transitioning a ministry from something old to something new?
  • Leaving the 4 walls of traditional "church" to a more bible based ministry?
PLUS: In this resource, I share five things you should know before you make a ministry transition. 


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