Why It's Time To Activate Small Groups

Things are not going back to the way they were. Let’s be honest, certainly not back to the way some would like.

Why It’s Time To Click The 'Install Updates Now' Button On "Church"

After three months of unprecedented disruption and changes many predicted that things would be settling down by now and church as we know it would be back to normal. But that's not happening.

5 Focus Points For Leaders As You Return To Your Buildings

I believe numbers and data can be useful and can be used to help make decisions. There used to put together plans and strategies, give confirmation, and bring clarity.

Will You Step Back Into The Past When You Step Back Into Your Building?

As your church closes out the 2nd month and enters into the 3rd month of the Coronavirus shutdown, and as you begin to re-open, there is one big thing to consider. Will stepping back into the past kill your future?

How to Encourage Yourself In a Crisis

Got Coronavirus fatigue yet?

At 8 to 9 weeks in, depending on what part of the world you're in, this virus is taking a toll. Not just on the economy, or ministry as a whole, but also on its leaders, mentally and emotionally.

Why Online/Digital Ministry is Real Ministry

So now that your church or ministry is online, you're at least live streaming if nothing else. Maybe you're asking yourself, can we really do ministry online? Is online ministry real ministry?

4 Ways To Lead Through Crisis and Stay Relevant

Leadership is hard. If you are a leader of just about anything, you already know this. 
Right now leaders are leading in uncharted territory and the pressure is greater than ever. 

This is all new. We are all learning as we go, wondering and asking the who, what, when and how. Praying in hopes of getting these answers.