Your Suffering Doesn't Exempt You From God's Call

If you're following me on Instagram you know that recently I released three new t-shirt designs. One of which is the one you see above. Since then I've received comments like, "This one hit me hard". @tncport365  Also some wanted to know the motivation or inspiration behind the message. I'm glad you asked.

Why Quick Easy Wins are So Important

Like anyone else, the one thing ministry leaders have in common is we get discouraged. Our issues vary and I talk about some of them on my blog.

I’ll be the first to admit that a large part of the battle, when it comes to leading in ministry, is overcoming discouragement.

5 Tips to Finding the Right Ministry Network

Networking is important for many reasons. From providing access to a diverse group of people, to fueling creativity.

6 Ways To Break Out of A “Church as Usual” Mindset

Breaking out of a “church as usual” mindset requires the use of imagination and original ideas. It requires creativity and to be creative in ministry, you will have to be like Jesus and break with tradition and the status quo.

5 Reasons Why Seniors in Any Ministry Struggle With Change

Changes come with every generation. However, as we grow older, we tend to struggle with more.

Change for many seniors is difficult and so they'll tend to cling to the traditional and status quo for a sense of security.

6 Signs It’s Time Your Ministry Adapt and Change

I'm sure you've noticed that ministry has changed. The landscape is much different now. It has many different looks, niches, platforms and audiences.

More than ever, the ability to adapt and change to fit these new ministry dynamics is crucial.

Understanding Your Digital Platform

So, your ministry has a digital platform? The question is, do you or someone on your team understand how to effectively use it?

4 Reasons Why Doing a "New Thing" Helps a Ministry Flourish

I am convinced, that one of the reasons why the Christian faith was so successful in the 1st century, was because it was new.

The Future 'Church' Meets Anytime... Anywhere... Sometimes...

The digital age. It's not going anywhere. So embrace it. To ignore it, is the worst thing you can do.

Why You Should Build A Ministry Around A Product, Not A Person

Too often ministries, organizations and even businesses are built around a person, rather than a product (our mission). There was a time when this was the model. Fortunately, those days are gone.