My name is Frederick L. Anderson. My close friends call me F L. Among other things, I'm a business owner and an authorI write about ministry and create online courses with fresh insight on the changing landscape of ministry.

I share my advice and what I've learned from over two decades of serving in ministry, as a teacher, administrator, mentor, youth leader, outreach, planter and shepherd.

I'm sure you've noticed that ministry has changed. The landscape is much different now. It has many different looks, niches, platforms and audiences.

So why is ministry a little more challenging than it used to be? 
Now add the recent Coronavirus crisis and shutdown, what do you need to know? How can you as a ministry leader lead in this crisis and stay relevant? 

Well, that's what my ministry tips, YouTube and Instagram videos and online courses are all about.

Some consider me a virtual mentor and advisor using my content for personal learning and development, as well as a resource for information. However and whatever you use it for, it is my hope that you are not only informed, but transformed as well.

Join my leaders list today to get FREE ministry tips, providing fresh insight on the changing landscape of ministry.

- F. L. Anderson

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