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The primary mission of every generation of 'church' leaders is to first share our faith with the next generation, then the reins of leadership. Those that fail to reach young adults will struggle far more than ministries that don’t. 

If we're not reaching the future of our faith and ministry, then there is no future. This means the body, the ekklesia, is dying.

Maybe you've heard that young adults are leaving 'church' the faith and the building. Some say in "droves" and some say it's worse in some cultures and denominations than others. Whatever the numbers are, they are leaving and that's a fact.

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Every year at this time, people of all walks of life, set goals or "New Year Resolutions". Unfortunately, many of them go unachieved. 

Did You Know: 
  • 45% make goals and resolutions for the new year, but just 8% actually achieve them.

  • 25% never succeed, and fail after the first week.

  • 60% abandon them within six months. 
What would you say if I told you "New Year Resolutions" don't work? There easy to make but hard to keep. It's a system that's flawed. It's a system that requires action and commitment to work and for many that's the issue.

In my FREE resource I’ll share with you five biblical and proven solutions to finally achieve your goals and "New Year Resolutions".

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