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In this 100% FREE resource you'll get quick solutions and strategies to help minimize the negative impact of the shutdown on your organization and ministry.

In the first week of the Coronavirus shutdown, 62% of pastors and ministry leaders surveyed by Barna said that their giving decreased. This number rose to 74% after the second week. Find out why, when it comes to online giving, your organization's not getting any, and what you can do to change that.

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Clever Lies and Assumptions uncovers the fallacies most people believe and have been taught about tithing and other church issues. It back up these findings with scripture, facts, historical information and data including statements about these issues from well known church leaders.

Clever Lies and Assumptions answers questions that lay heavy on the hearts of churchgoers and gives clarity to issues that plaque the church and contradict scripture.

F. L. Anderson is a former pastor, a business owner and an author. He writes about ministry and creates in depth digital resources with fresh insights on the changing landscape of ministry. 

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